All About Eva, Seriously

my Sunset Heat glamour shot. it's so cheesy and I love it.To:


Subject: It’s Your Turn to Do the Sunset Heat Profile!

Name: Eva Atwood Cielo
Age: 22
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Song: Don’t Panic by Coldplay, Diamonds Are Forever by Kanye
Favorite Movie: Amelie and Dirty Dancing 2 but only because of Diego Luna who is SO hot. I have heard he is shorter than me and this is a major problem.
Favorite Websites:,,
Favorite Store: Sophia and I always go to Blue and Cream in the Hamptons together because our family’s houses are so close and it’s like our sister bonding time. But I could only wear Miu Miu for the rest of my life and be thrilled.
Favorite Restaurant: Da Silvano because I can speak Italian so I get the best restaurant, every time. Jenny just took me to this adorable cafe on Avenue B called “B Cup” and they make incredible Chai.
Favorite Hobby: Beating hot guys at Trivial Pursuit. Yes Sebastian, I beat you. No Sebastian, “I was drunk” is not a valid excuse, especially since you’re always drunk. Favorite Place: Joe’s Cafe on Waverly – do you know how many law school boys hang out there?
Secret Wish: I wish Jenny would get over it.  ALL of it.  She seemed much happier in Williamsburg, not trying to be an Intermix clone and hanging out with Olivia Palermo.
Not So Secret Wish: For My Life at Not Vogue to kick The Devil Wears Prada’s ass… but Anne Hathaway can still star.
Biggest Achievement: A 50-word movie review printed in Not Vogue. With an actual byline. That was awesome.
You’ll Never Be Without…  A pen and a notepad, at all times. I’m a compulsive writer!


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