Tinsley, Not What You Hang on Christmas Trees

So just in case you didn’t know who Tinsley Mortimer was before, you probably do now, thanks to this huuuuge New York Post article about the socialite. But maybe the weirdest part of the whole story is this quote:

“The faker you seem in Japan, the hotter you are,” says Mortimer’s good friend, Heatherette designer Richie Rich. “The perfect hair, the perfect tan, the perfect marriage – everything.”

Wait, what? Does that mean Tinsley’s hair, skin tone, and longterm relationship are totally made up? Please tell me no. Please tell me this quote was taken completely out of context and slapped somehow in a newspaper.

I mean first of all, I’ve met Tinsley at several parties and she’s been geniunely nice and cool and not fake at all, really. And second of all, her hair cannot be fake because I’ve been trying to get my hair just like it for like three days.


November 14, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Kimmy replied:

    I love Tinsley, she’s like a modern day Barbie doll. Though DPC is ripping her a new one with the affair scandal. Poor girl. When is SH premiering?

  2. Amanda Brewer replied:

    Hello! I love love love your blog! I’m adding you to my links on my blog @ http://hautetalk.blogspot.com If you get a chance, stop on by and let me know what you think! I’d love the input, as I newly relaunched it.

  3. Henna replied:

    Ew, I just read the article on her and she is so sad! Not being able to look pretty in the morning? How fug could she possibly be?

  4. Nicole replied:

    Tinsley is the white trash of NYC society’s scene. She is has fake as her roots. I”d like to know where she gets the money.

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