The Fallen

Dear Jenny,

ok, so your boyfriend cheated on you… with me. But he was so not your type – he wore Converse and didn’t you swear up and down that guys could only wear sneakers if they were the YSL cartoon hightops?  Plus, he liked The Bravery. You love The Killers.  It was really doomed from the start.  Okay?  Love, Eva.

Ugh, whatever. Since I’m basically doomed to bad karma and a massive Jenny freakout by tomorrow, I might as well use it to my full advantage since Sunset Heat is finally launching this week.  Yes, you can watch it soon.  And I can watch it soon, with Sebastian or Sophia, since Jenny won’t be talking to me.  Really I feel wretched, but hey, I’m just in the company of other fashion girls who make one teensy mistake, suffer for a little bit, and then climb to the top.

Right Kate?  One bad incident with some paparazzi and suddenly your career is “over” and then just as suddenly, your career is bigger than ever and everyone is falling-over-in-love-with-you.

Of course, you never hooked up with your best friend’s boyfriend.

Yeah, this is bad.  I don’t even think an invite to the super-secret Chanel sample sale could make me feel better now.  Although if you’ve got one and you want to send it to me, I would definitely consider feeling better so that I could go.

But Jenny, if you’re reading this, I swear it would be to buy you that pair of patent flats that you like so much.

Really. I swear.


November 13, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. laren replied:

    how did she just find out? you posted this on your website over a week ago and you all (you, jenny, and sophia) read each others sites. it doesnt add up. it’s like you’re riding all three sites yourself.

  2. laren replied:

    wait, writing!

  3. allabouteva replied:

    yeah right, Jenny doesn’t read my blog, she’s too busy chasing Sebastian around the Upper East Side.

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